Here’s my answer:

female factors of attractiveness

Things to Keep in Mind

    (Skip this part if you’ve already read the male version of this post — the following info is the same as what I wrote there.)

  1. Just like with my post on What makes a man (physically) attractive, I’m using “attractive” to mean “appealing to the opposite sex for the purpose of reproduction love/dating/mating.” By female physical attractiveness, I mean anything that can be noticed from meeting a woman in person and hearing her say “hello.”
  2. Now obviously, anyone could argue with the exact percentages in the table. There’s no “scientific” reason why each of these numbers should be set in stone, so some things will always be more or less important depending on individual taste.
  3. These are relative values. The point of the chart is to show you what each component is and how important they are relative to the others.
  4. Once again, I was inspired by Andrew at The Rules Revisited, who made the original breakdown of female appearance in his post on why feminine beauty is highly controllable. He describes how he came up with the numbers here.

More Charts

Here are the components in order of importance:

female factors ranked by importance

And here they are in order of attention deserved:


Lastly, here are the factors by attention deserved in pie-chart form:

(I know, the quality is not the greatest – click to view the image on its own, then you can zoom in easily.)

pie chart showing female factors ranked by attention deserved

What do you think?

Did I get it right? Let me know in the comments below. And stay tuned — my future posts will explain each of the ideal components and how you can achieve them.

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  • a-poster

    Great charts, but something isn’t quite sitting right with me. I’m not sure what you can mean by “age (or perceived age)” at 2% importance. I don’t think there is a single factor that explains more variance in female attractiveness than the indicators of age. Not even weight and fitness. You could say that the indicators of age are captured by skin, facial skin, breasts, etc. But if that is the case, I”m not sure what the category
    of perceived age means at all. Care to elucidate?

    Glad I found this blog, looking forward to more content.

    • Good point a-poster. And thank you for your encouragement 🙂

      Originally I put age = 2% because I was trying to explain why, for an average woman reading this, even if she’s unattractive on all the other points the mere fact that she’s aged 20-30 (or perceived to be that age) would contribute ~2% of her attractiveness.

      But now that I’ve thought about it more, I agree with you that the indicators of age are captured by other categories (at least as I’ve defined them so far, i.e., leaving out personality characteristics, lifestyle, social standing etc.).

      In any event, at some point I will have to make an updated version of the charts to incorporate all the stuff I’ve learned since then!

      One further question: why does your profile picture appear to be of me?

      • a-poster

        Not sure. I see that too if I am not logged in. Set it to an elephant, and that didn’t help. Maybe DISQUS is a buggy POS